RBS G 514 eng

 RBS G514
Eckdaten / technische Daten:
Operating no./name Manufacturer Factory no. Year built Type former owners
 RBS G 514  Schweizerische Wagonsfabrik A.G., Schlieren, Zürich   1915 Gw

Elektrische Schmalspurbahn Solothurn–Bern (ESB)
Solothurn-Zollikofen-Bern-Bahn (SZB)
Regionalverkehr Bern-Solothurn (RBS)

Status: stored
Length over buffers: 6.680 mm frame length: x.xxx mm
wheel base: 3.200 mm    
wheel base in bogie: -- distance between pivots: --
Seats 2nd class -- Seats 3rd class --
empty weight: 6.030 kg max. load: 10.000 kg
    Load capacity: 10.000 kg
Loading length: x.xxx mm Loading area: 12,21 m²
Braking equipment: Chbr, Hbr      
braking force hand brake -- Brake weight: x.xxx kg
Heating: --      
Special equipment:  Charmilles air brake
Informationen zu diesem Fahrzeug:

The freight car 514 was part of the initial equipment of the electric narrow-gauge railway Solothurn-Bern, and went into service with it on 9.4.1916. Delivered as the last of a series of four, it initially bore the number K 104 and remained in service on this railway until its retirement in 2015. After more than 100 years, on 6.10.2016, the wagon left its traditional territory in the Swiss Mittelland for the first time and was handed over to Kleinbaan Service B.V.


x.x.1915 delivered to Elektrische Schmalspurbahn Solothurn-Bern (ESB)
1.1.1921 consolidated to Solothurn-Zollikofen-Bern-Bahn (SZB)
1984 consolidated to Regionalverkehr Bern-Solothurn (RBS)
6.10.2016 sold to Kleinbaan Service.

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